Nancy Island Celebrates 80 Years!

The story of Nancy Island and the British Schooner Nancy is one of Ontario’s best little known secrets.

The Schooner Nancy was a fur trading vessel that was pressured to serve during the War of 1812. On August 14, 1814 the Nancy was on the Nottawasaga River when it became under American attack. Lieutenant Worsley and his crew fought hard but The Nancy was destroyed and sank, coming to rest on a sandbar.

The sunken remains of the Nancy created a barrier holding back the flow of sand and silt. Over the years this formed a small island now known as Nancy Island.

On August 14, 1928, in memory of the Nancy and her crew, the first Nancy Island museum officially opened. Eighty years later this small museum has grown to include a theatre, replica lighthouse and the Treasure Chest Giftshop. With help from the Friends of Nancy Island and Wasaga Beach Provincial Park this historic site keeps the story of the Nancy alive.

A popular special event is the annual Wasaga Under Siege: A War of 1812 Experience. On July 25-27, hundreds of re-enacters will bring history to life with land and water battles. You won’t want to miss this exciting event!

Picnics and Performances (Thursday evenings from early July to mid August) is another way to enjoy the beautiful setting at Nancy Island. Visitors can sit back and relax while listening to live folk-based music. Arrive early with your picnic and join park staff for historical and nature based entertainment.

For more information on events at Nancy Island, go to the Wasaga Beach park events link found under Visiting Parks. Don’t forget to check out the Wasaga Under Siege website.