Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park Now Accepting Reservations

Starting May 2, Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park will start accepting camping reservations for its 108 backcountry campsites. These sites are only accessible by canoe and most sites have three tent pads, fire ring, picnic table and a privy toilet. There are six recommended canoe loop routes in the park, ranging from easy to moderate with distances from 5 km to 30 km.

Located 50 kilometres north of Peterborough, Kawartha Highlands is the largest provincial park south of Algonquin. This picturesque park is open year-round and sits along the southern edge of the Canadian Shield. The rugged, rolling landscape of small lakes, wetlands, forests and rocky barrens is a paddlers dream.

To make a reservation, trip planning assistance or to purchase a park map, please contact the Park Office directly at (613) 332-3940 extension 261.

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  1. What does this mean, can I still get into these lake with out reservation. I thought this was crown land.

    1. Tim

      Kawartha Highlands has been regulated as a provincial park since 2005. After public consultation a Park Management Plan came into effect in 2008, which provides specific direction on how to manage the park. Park visitors are now required to make reservations and have a valid campsite permit. Revenues from these permits stay within the Ontario Parks system and are used to make sure the park’s natural and cultural features are protected, while still providing a wilderness experience for park visitors.

  2. Any chance we could get the map online (PDF version) soon to make it easier to find the campsite number?

  3. Just wondering how permits can be obtained? are they only availible for pick up from the Bancroft MNR office or will there be some sort of mail or email system in place. Alot of folks go into the park from the Peterborough area.

    1. Permits for 2011 will be processed and administered directly through the park office (located at the MNR office in Bancroft), and at this time will not be part of the Ontario Parks general call centre. Please call the park office at 613-332-3940 ext. 261 for all inquiries, trip planning assistance, permits and reservations.

      1. So anyone wanting to camp in the park will have to drive up to Bancroft to obtain a permit first? Or can they be emailed to the user?

      2. Campers are not required to drive to the park office to obtain a permit. If you are reserving prior to your arrival you will be issued a confirmation letter that will act as your permit. Confirmation letters are emailed or mailed by Canada Post. For “first come first serve”, visitors are able to call the park office from the access point (with their cell phone) and receive a confirmation number that they will write onto a self serve permit that is supplied at all access points. Confirmation letters and self serve permits are required to be carried and presented upon request to a Park Warden.

  4. Can you please publish a .pdf copy of the map so that campsites can be chosen more easily?

  5. I’ve been to sites on Sucker Lake several times and I know they can get quite busy on summer weekends.
    What recourse is there if you arrive at a site that you have obtained a permit for to find it occupied by another group?

    1. Information is posted at every entry point and campsite stating that permits are required to occupy any campsite in Kawartha Highlands. If someone is camping illegally on your site, please contact the park office and we will send out a Park Warden (we encourage campers to bring cell phones for emergency purposes). If it is late at night and a Park Warden is not able to respond until daylight, there are emergency sites in place for temporary occupation. Campers are made aware of these site numbers when they receive their confirmation number. As well, these emergency sites have a blue sign with the wording “Emergency Use Only”.

  6. How can i get a map? Is calling the only way? I’m used to doing Algonquin and thought i could do the planning in the week leading up to the trip. Now i’m not sure how i can book a site if i can;t get a map in time. i’m going to have to go to Algonquin. I wanted to go away on the 28th.

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