Ice Out Canoe Trips

One of the most magical times of the year to go canoeing, kayaking or hiking in the interior of Ontario Parks is just after the ice has left the lakes and just before black flies hatch – and start looking for a blood meal. It’s a moment of celebration, a time for campers to break free of the winter blahs; that is before we realize that bugs can make spring outings more than a bit of an annoyance. And as long as you dress for it, ice-out trips can be the ultimate time spent in the out-of-doors.

The big question of course is, how do you know when the ice is out in the north, especially if you’re living in southern Ontario. The answer is quite simple – you check on-line web sites. Countless web sites have added ice-out alerts, whether it’s a mere chat forum on sites such as or or live video/picture feeds showing the actual lakes you’re dreaming of paddling on, like There’s even “ice-out” contests held by sites such as or Why not join the fun and see if you can claim to be first to go camping in the new season.

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2 thoughts on “Ice Out Canoe Trips”

  1. Canoeing after ICE OUT was our plan. but ice out was the beginning of April this year. Are the flies out yet?

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