Cook Thanksgiving dinner outdoors

Have you ever cooked your Thanksgiving dinner outdoors?  Wanna try? Here are three ways to do it:

Trash Can Turkey is a favourite with camper families across North America. This recipe got its name from the aluminum trash can used for cooking. The can is turned upside down and the turkey is placed inside on a stick and cooked over hot coals. Cooking time varies according to the size of your turkey.

Deep fried turkey is another camper favourite. This recipe cooks a bird fast. Just 3 minutes per pound. A fryer is best and for safety reasons, you need level ground to cook on. Celebrated chef Michael Smith shares his Deep Fried Turkey recipe on Canada’s Food Network.

Campfire turkey is more of a slow cook method but just as satisfying. A Dutch oven or spit is used for this recipe. Google “Campfire Dutch Oven recipes” and you’ll find a huge selection of recipes to choose from – most from the United States and also the Scouting community.  We know that Ontario Parks’ campers like to cook their Thanksgiving meal outside (including in Dutch Ovens or on spits) – but couldn’t find any recipes from our campers online!  Please post your Thanksgiving Dinner experiences in Ontario Parks on our Facebook page   we’d love to read them!

Thanksgiving at Port Burwell Provincial Park

It doesn’t have to be turkey!  For more campsite cooking inspiration, check out this Park Blog picnic post  or visit Ontario Parks’ Learn to Camp site which has a variety of camper recipes.