Come To Ontario Parks For Spectacular Fall Colour

Online Fall Colour Report Helps With Autumn Vacation Plans
If you want to see nature at its finest, there’s no place like this. Head out to one or more of Ontario’s provincial parks this season for the best in fall colour viewing opportunities.

Ontario Parks has developed an online tool to help you know when the colour is at its peak. The Ontario Parks Fall Colour Report gives up-to-date information on the percentage of leaves that have changed colour, which colours are dominant and where to find the best views in Ontario’s provincial parks. Visit and click on the Fall Colour Report link.

Using this tool, colour seekers can plan a great vacation that follows the blaze of colour that starts earliest in northern Ontario and moves southward through the fall. Pack a few farm fresh Ontario apples and you’re ready to hike colour-lined trails in northern provincial parks like Rushing River, Sleeping Giant, Chutes, and Samuel de Champlain. Or, if you want to capture the colour on canvas, bring your art supplies to Neys or Killarney, two parks that inspired members of the Group of Seven.

Heading south, you can follow the colour peak for the brilliant displays of reds, oranges and golds that can be seen at Grundy Lake, Arrowhead, and Silent Lake provincial parks.

During your quest for colour, check out these fun fall activities at provincial parks:

* Take in the great events along the beautiful shores of Lake Huron, such as the Wild For The Arts Festival at MacGregor Point Provincial Park on September 22 to 23.

* Learn how archaeology gives us a glimpse of the past while enjoying the spectacular scenery of east central Ontario at Bonnechere Provincial Park’s public archaeology day on September 29.

* Explore the magic of the parks along the Highway 69 corridor with beautiful vistas, scenic trails, and the visitor centres at Killbear and French River provincial parks.

Details on these and other activities are available on the Ontario Parks website at through the Park Events link. Day-use fees range from $7 to $15 a day per vehicle. Seasonal day-use passes are also available.

Free copies of the 2007 Ontario Parks Guide are available from any provincial park office, tourism agency, government information centre or local chamber of commerce, or by calling 1-800-ONTARIO (1-800-668-2746). This information is also available online at

Tips For Fall Colour Exploration In Ontario

With a greater proportion of evergreens, the northern areas of the province display a spectacular mix of colours with the greens contrasting with the deep reds and oranges of the maples.

* There is another, often overlooked autumn colour display in Ontario. This is the warm burnt orange and yellow peak provided by the oaks, birches, poplars and tamaracks. This peak comes after most of the maple leaves are down, about two weeks after the maple colour peak, and can be just as beautiful. Check with individual parks for local availability of this colour display.

* For helpful information, activities and route maps showing great fall drives throughout Ontario, visit and click on the Great Fall Drives link. The maps also show the locations of provincial parks along the routes.

* Not all of the provincial parks are open through the fall. For a list of park opening and closing dates, go to and click on the Opening and Closing Dates link.

6 thoughts on “Come To Ontario Parks For Spectacular Fall Colour”

  1. With fall being one of the most beautiful seasons in the north to enjoy the great outdoors, it is a shame that the ministry sees fit to close most of our beautiful parks by early September thus denying the people of the north the same great opportunities of our southern neighbours.

  2. Last year camping during Thanksgiving weekend provided excellent colour!
    I have heard that spotting Moose is often also better in the Fall (and spring).
    Do you have any tips for best ways to photograph or find Moose in the fall? Perhaps there are some parks which are better than others?

  3. This will be my 3rd time to kilarney for the fall colors.Everytime was a breathtaking experience. I hope to have the same experience or better this time. The leaves haven’t changed color much at this time .Hopefuly by oct. 1st it will change for the better.We saw moose fox and deer but no bears on our adventures.You will need a telephoto lens at lest a 200m or better . I took a picture of one on one of the peaks, he was at least 500 hundred yards away.

  4. Thanks Rich. I was at Killarney in the spring, nice park! I have a 400mm lens so I’m ready for the wildlife. Saw a couple bears (first time) way up at Wakami lake on Labou Day weekend but never got any photos….that was a great, wild time. Worth the long drive if you have the time.

  5. I agree with Kelly. The best time of the year to view nature and the beauty that surrounds us is fall. Campgrounds should all be open until mid October at least. I’m sitting on the shore of Oastler Lake writing this and there are loons calling my name. I’m surrounded by yellows, reds, and oranges. Ontario is so beautiful!

  6. I also agree with Kelly!
    Ivanhoe Provincial Park closes the beginning of September, so Northerners aren’t given the same opportunity to enjoy the fall.
    The beautiful fall colours and the absence of mosquitoes make this time of year very appealing.
    No one seems to have an answer to why this park has to close so early, what a shame!
    We have taked to Senior park management and sent a petition to the ministry last year to try and have the closing date changed but unfortunately no one seems to be interested in looking into it, another example of how the North gets ignored.
    What do we need to do to get our voices heard?

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