Caution, tree seedlings at work

Watch where you step!

Ontario Parks is excited to partner with Trees Ontario in its delivery of the Ontario government’s 50 Million Tree program, and with Earth Rangers to establish tree plantations at three southern Ontario provincial parks.

We’ve planted trees in Bronte Creek in Burlington, Sandbanks near Picton and Springwater just north of Barrie.

You might wonder why we need to plant trees in provincial parks. You might even be asking, “Aren’t there enough trees already?”

By planting trees, we’re supporting a healthier environment. Planting native trees actually protects biodiversity, because these trees contribute to an ecosystem that supports a host of interdependent plants and animals.

Trees provide shade, food and habitat for birds and animals and help to fight climate change. When we plant trees, we’re helping to build a greener and cleaner Ontario.

So please stay on established roads and trails to make sure that the fragile tree seedlings are not damaged. In three or four years, you will start to notice many of these trees peeking up out of the grasses.