Winter RVing at MacGregor Point

Imagine ringing in the New Year in a winter wonderland. The light from your campfire reflects off the snow, and your friends and family ladle out cocoa from the pot bubbling over the flames.

This is a familiar scene for the seasonal RVers at MacGregor Point Provincial Park.

Whether you just need a place to store your RV for the winter, or you’re ready to experience winter in a whole new way, MacGregor Point’s winter RV program might be just what you need!

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The science of snow

Today’s post comes from Brianne Brothers, a Zone Ecologist in Ontario’s Southwest Zone. 

Ah, snow. A substance that truly embodies what it means to be Canadian.

While many of us struggle with the idea enjoying something that inflicts hard physical labour and white-knuckled driving, it truly is clean, fresh and beautiful.

In that light, please grab a cup of coffee and a cozy window seat, and let’s explore the science of snow.

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Checking off new winter experiences at Silent Lake

Today’s post comes from year-round multispecies angler and writer Ashley Rae of

I think any angler will agree that it’s nearly impossible to sleep while experiencing the anticipation of an upcoming fishing trip. This was definitely the case for me and my friend Lori, who joined me on a recent adventure to Silent Lake Provincial Park.

This trip was especially exciting as Lori was chasing her first lake trout and we would be exploring a new body of water. We were also looking forward to staying in a yurt, something neither of us had experienced.

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March vacancy highlights (roofed accommodation)

March temperatures can be tough to predict, which is what makes this the perfect month to stay in a cabin or yurt! Whether you’re celebrating an early spring or clinging desperately to the last shreds of winter, whether it rains, snows or shines, you’ll have a cozy homebase for your outdoor adventures.

Our yurts and cabins are very busy over March Break, but after March 19, almost every park has great availability! March is also your last chance to visit parks like Silent Lake and Windy Lake before they re-open for spring.

Accommodations featured below were available as of 12:00 pm, February 23, 2017.

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The Cross Quetico Tour: a true winter adventure

Every March, cross-country skiers of all abilities descend on Quetico Provincial Park and the nearby town of Atikokan for the Cross Quetico Tour.

Normally known for its world-class wilderness canoeing opportunities, Quetico’s interconnected waterways become a winter venue for a ski adventure like no other.

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Frozen falls and other wacky winter water

When most of us picture winter ice, we conjure up mental images of skating rinks and icicles. But did you know there’s a lot of variety in wintry water formations?

From frozen falls to ice volcanoes, winter water is quite a sight to behold:

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5 walks through winter woods

The health benefits of hiking are head-to-toe. A walk in the woods can help alleviate mental fatigue, and improve creative thinking. Hiking is also great for cardiovascular health and muscle tone.

But is hiking an option in the winter?

Absolutely. We’ve collected a list of five parks with stellar options for winter rambles:

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Hike-in ice fishing at Frontenac

Today’s post comes from year-round multispecies angler and writer Ashley Rae of

Over the weekend, I traveled from my home in the Ottawa area to visit Frontenac Provincial Park. Growing up in nearby Napanee, I had visited the park plenty of times in the past, but this would be my very first hike-in ice fishing expedition.

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Licence-free fishing weekend 2017

At the first sign of frost, we often pack away our rods and reels, letting our fishing drive drift into daydreams until spring.

But what if we could reel in the dream catch during the sunniest and briskest days of the year?

With licence-free Family Fishing Weekend around the corner, we’re sharing our top tips about the season’s hottest — or should we say — coldest pastime — ice fishing!

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