Why parks matter

David Bree (Senior Natural Heritage Leader, Presqu’ile Provincial Park)

Why do Parks Matter?  Unfortunately that is becoming an increasingly pertinent question in an age where screen time outweighs nature time on a regular basis.

Working in a park, I can answer that question in a number of ways.  The most obvious perhaps is that parks provide protection for a great many habitats, which in turn provide space and resources for the animals and plants of the province to function in a normal fashion.  This is in essence the definition of biodiversity, a whole bunch of things living and interconnecting in a complex web.  This is a bit of a catch word these days, but maintaining a high biodiversity in our world has been shown to make for a more robust and healthy environment. And a healthy environment is integral to our survival – it supplies our air, our water and our food, just to name the most obvious and crucial elements of life.  While to me this is a compelling and obvious argument, it has become sterile to many ears that have been bombarded by warnings of environmental doom and gloom all their lives.  After a while people just don’t hear.

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SAIL – VIP adventure contest in Temagami

Winter is over and summer fun awaits – you and a guest could be going on a Temagami adventure!

Temagami is one of Ontario’s special places offering wilderness experiences amongst countless lakes and rivers embedded amongst untouched old growth Red and White Pine forests. Hundred year old trails navigate the rugged terrain featuring several of Ontario’s highest peaks, and legendary fishing opportunities await those who explore this region.    Seven provincial parks offer the best of Temagami; an ideal playground for anglers, paddlers, hikers, photographers, and adventure seekers of all types.

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The day the world turns pink

Join Ontario Parks in the celebration of the International Day of Pink

On April 8, OntarioParks.com will be turning pink in recognition of the International Day of Pink, which celebrates diversity and raises awareness to end homophobia, transphobia, transmisogyny and all forms of bullying.

In addition to our support for the International Day of Pink, Ontario Parks is committed to creating welcoming spaces that are inclusive and free from discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

We will also be launching a dedicated webpage that includes a list of all provincial parks with positive space trained staff. For more information, please visit www.ontarioparks.com/positivespace .

Please join us in celebrating diversity and inclusion. What will you be wearing?

A sweet day at Bronte Creek

I am sure many of you like Maple Syrup and most of us even use it on a daily basis, but how many of you know what goes behind in extracting the syrup from a sugar maple tree? Do you know the history of it? Well, that’s what you will learn if you make a short day trip to Bronte Creek Provincial park this March.

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Memories are made of this…

The sun is shining, the gentle breeze is cutting the heat, and the soft waves are colliding against the shoreline behind you.  This is it, the perfect spot to start a new beginning, a perfect spot to get married.  Many people seek out the amazing backdrops of Ontario Parks to create unforgettable memories built upon laughter and smiles with family and friends while experiencing nature through camping, hiking, swimming, etc.  So, why not have that perfect backdrop for one of the most important days of your life?

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Chill out at Wheatley with some chili

Wildlife, beautiful Carolinian forest, sandy beaches and great fishing, what else could you ask for… how about a chili cook-off?

Wheatley Provincial Park is home to an annual chili cook-off, taking place September 13, 2014.  Do you have a winning chili recipe you want to show off?  Or do you just love chili?  Then this is the event for you.  There are usually 16-20 different samples competing for the bragging rights of the best chili recipe.

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Ontario biology student’s “sedimental journey” reveals good news for Sudbury’s lakes

Facilitating scientific research is one of the four objectives of Ontario’s Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act.  This advances our learning about protected areas and enhances Ontario Parks’ ability to maintain ecological integrity.  Much of this research is conducted by universities and graduate students.  In the last two years Ontario Parks has received over 300 applications to conduct research in parks.

A PhD biology student from Queen’s University has made an important discovery that could inspire the manufacturing industry worldwide to better understand the long-term environmental damage to lakes and other bodies of water, caused by emissions that cause acid rain.  The impacts of acid rain were first noticed early on at one of Ontario’s most famous provincial parks – Killarney.


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