Our 2016 parks pass is more than just a pretty flower

summer passNoticed the dainty purple flower adorning the 2016 summer pass for Ontario Parks?

It may surprise you to learn that when Ontario Parks staff discovers that flower in a park, they often rip it out by the roots.

That’s because spotted knapweed is…

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Trips and gear for adventure-lovers

T’is the season so we asked Ontario Parks staff and three corporate partners; Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC), Coleman and Bushnell for gift ideas. Park staff suggested 2012 trip ideas in Ontario Parks while our corporate sponsors suggested cool new gear ideas. Here are our favourites. Continue reading Trips and gear for adventure-lovers

Gift ideas for outdoor-lovers

Looking for gift ideas for outdoor- lovers? Ontario Parks’ staff and corporate partners, Coleman, Bushnell and MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) have provided us with some suggestions based on the types of people who visit Ontario Parks. Typically, they are young family campers, adventure travelers, first-time visitors and mature travelers. Continue reading Gift ideas for outdoor-lovers

Ontario Parks switches to BioBags!

Paper or plastic?

You may have been asked that question when the clerk at your local supermarket is about to bag your groceries.

At Ontario Parks, we’re switching to BioBags. They’re made from corn starch and synthetic polymers, are as sturdy as plastic bags, but are friendlier to the environment.

While consumers are becoming more conscious of the environment, about 80 plastic bags are still being used every second in Ontario. That’s about 7 million plastic bags per day or 4 bags per person every week. Did you know it takes about 1000 years for a plastic bag to decompose?

Ontario Parks BioBags are 100% biodegradable and compostable. They can be reused, recycled, burned and composted. They break down in 10 to 45 days, depending how they’re composted. And they’re a small way you can help reduce greenhouse gases.

So, if you need something to carry away your Ontario Parks purchases and you’ve forgotten to bring your reusable cloth shopping bag, our BioBags are available.

Please remember to be earth friendly ~ only take a bag if you need one.