New Reservation Service for Ontario Parks

On November 1, Ontario Parks obtained a new reservation service provider. This new reservation system will be implemented in early 2011. During the transition period (November 1 to early 2011) park users will not be able to make a reservation through our internet or call centre for any car camping or interior sites. All campsites will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis when you arrive at the park. Since the transition period is during our slow, winter months, we anticipate plenty of sites will be available for winter campers.

You will not be able to book reservations five months in advance during the transition period. The new reservation system will be running in early 2011 and reservations will be accepted for the 2011 season, both on the internet and at a call centre. The five month window will be put back in place at that time. The transitional first-come first-serve system for campsites will only be in place until the new reservation system goes live.

Park users will be sent an email in advance of the live date and a notice will be uploaded on the Ontario Parks’ website telling customers what date reservations will be accepted.

We appreciate your loyalty and patience as we put our new service in place. We welcome your feedback.

Let’s go camping…

Wow! Warmth, sun, summer is finally here. With some great weather reports for this weekend, it’s not too late to book a getaway at Ontario Parks. Listed below are some provincial parks that have vacancies for this weekend. Why not book off a couple of days into next week, and make it a long weekend for you and your family.

Parks with good campsite vacancies this weekend: Bronte Creek, Earl Rowe, Selkirk, Wheatley, Mara, McRae, Sibbald Point, Bonnechere, Fitzroy, Sharbot Lake, Voyageur, Chutes, Fairbank, Restoule, Windy Lake, Pancake Bay, Blue Lake, Rainbow Falls, Quetico.

Wherever you live, we’re Nearby and Natural at Ontario Parks

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The Woodland Caribou- A Symbol of Ontario’s North

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