Fish and Bird Die-off at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park

There is currently a fish and bird die-off in the Wasaga Beach area. The die-off is believed to be from Type E botulism.

Small-scale fish and bird die-offs are common on the Great Lakes.

Please do not handle dead or dying fish or birds. Park staff is aware of the problem and is working to dispose of dead fish and birds.

While visiting Wasaga Beach Provincial Park, please keep pets on a leash at all times and away from dead or dying animals. Beach Area 3 is the authorized pet beach area in the park.

Read more about botulism in fish and wildlife.

Wings of spring!

You will remember our earlier blog posting about Wings of Spring at Rondeau Provincial Park.Wings of Spring at Rondeau Provincial Park.

This past weekend, The Friends of Rondeau held their annual celebration of the spring migration of waterfowl and Tundra swans. Unfortunately nature doesn’t always pay attention to dates. Rondeau Bay was almost completely frozen on the first day of the festival which meant no Tundra swans. Continue reading Wings of spring!

Results are in – 13th Annual Christmas Bird Count in Killarney

In an earlier blog posting, we mentioned Killarney’s Christmas Bird Count. This year’s count recorded one of the highest number of species since our Killarney count began in 1998.
And it included a total of 32 species and 474 birds. Here’s a breakdown. Continue reading Results are in – 13th Annual Christmas Bird Count in Killarney