Burnt Lands Buckthorn Removal Blitz!

Guest Blogger: Erica Barkley
Assistant Zone Ecologist
Southeast Zone
 Ontario Parks is home to amazing natural places, and it’s our job to look after them. At Burnt Lands Provincial Park, a non-operating Nature Reserve near Almonte, park staff and partners came together to do just that.
Before and after European buckthorn removal at Burnt Lands Provincial Park.

The park is in a rare ecosystem called an alvar.  It may look like an agricultural field at first glance, but in fact, this site is home to special plants built for life on flat limestone bedrock.  Plants that are not from Ontario can be invasive and out-compete these rare plants. That’s why park staff and partners came together on a cold blustery day to remove European Buckthorn, an invasive species, from almost 50 hectares of significant alvar habitat!

The day was also about learning the Best Management Practices for Buckthorn. Staff from parks across southeasternOntario and representatives from Nature Conservancy of Canada, Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, and Ontario Invasive Plant Council were there learning and sharing ideas while working hard to clear the area of this invasive threat.

 European Buckthorn is spread by mostly wildlife, but many invasive species are often introduced by people. To learn what you can do to prevent the spread of invasive species, click here.

Thanks to the Ministry of Natural Resources Biodiversity Policy Section Biodiversity Branch for funding the day.

Participants in the European buckthorn removal blitz at Burnt Lands Provincial Park.