A Nod to the Past

Wear it on your sleeve, sew it on your pack or snuggle up with it on your camp blanket. You can take Ontario Parks with you wherever you go with our new sew on patches! Each of these beautifully embroidered patches will have 1893 on them to celebrate the establishment date of our first park- Algonquin.

To capture the nostalgia of our parks system we have chosen three historical park permits from 1957, 1958 and 1967 for the background design. All three patches are sold separately and come attached to a blank note card with a brief history of Ontario Parks printed on the back.

Looking for something more than a gift card? Out of the three patches, we chose the 1958 deer design and applied it to a few other pieces of merchandise. A long sleeve shirt and a full zip sweatshirt have been made with comfort and style in mind. Your favourite park name and establishment date will be screened on the left chest and showcase the patch on the left sleeve. To complement these pieces of clothing we have also added a ball cap made from 100% cotton with the historical patch sewn on the front.

What’s the best part you ask? All this merchandise is made in Canada!

So the next time you’re camping, remember to visit the Ontario Parks store and take home a memorable camping souvenir.

One thought on “A Nod to the Past”

  1. I think this is a great idea to celebrate Ontario’s beauty. As we travel Ontario Parks this year we will be sewing these emblems onto our shirts and wearing them with pride.

    Helping to Keep Ontario Parks Green

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