A New Manitoba-Ontario Interprovincial Wilderness Area

By looking at a map, it seems as though Mother Nature had this idea before we did. However, on July 30th, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Manitoba Conservation announced the establishment of a new Manitoba-Ontario Interprovincial Wilderness Area.

The announcement of the new wilderness area means both provinces will work together to conserve the ecological integrity of this area, to co-ordinate resource management and research activities, and to enhance and promote wilderness recreational opportunities.

This new wilderness area lies along the border of both provinces and takes up over 9,400 square kilometres. The area includes Woodland Caribou Provincial Park and the Eagle-Snowshoe Conservation Reserve in Ontario, and Atikaki and parts of Nopiming Provincial Parks in Manitoba. By managing this cluster of parks and wilderness as one land area, conservation of an integral part of Canada’s central boreal forest will be strengthened now and in the future.

The Interprovincial Wilderness Area provides a true wilderness experience for its visitors. The area can only be accessed through water or air. Visitors stay in lodges, outpost camps and tents, as these are the only forms of accommodation in the area.

Manitoba Conservation and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources have committed to working together to support a stronger, healthier and natural environment. This is the first inter-provincial partnership of its kind, and it paves the way for similar partnerships down the road.

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