Schreiber Channel

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What is possibly North America’s most diverse, best preserved and internationally known collection of micro-fossils within Precambrian rock is found in this nature reserve. Here, on Lake Superior’s North Shore, two strata of Precambrian rock, from the early and middle periods, come together dramatically with nothing whatsoever to show for the interval of roughly 500 million years between them. The microfossils are found within small stromatolitic mounds in a narrow band—about 37 metres long by eight metres wide—of rocks of the Gunflint Formation. Schreiber Channel lies in a region of the boreal forest where vegetation is influenced by the Lake Superior coast. Closed deciduous-evergreen forests dominate the steep, rugged slope facing the lake. White birch, trembling aspen and balsam fir are important trees. In the park, open woodlands and sparsely vegetated habitats grow on bare bedrock.

Park Facilities and Activities: There are no visitor facilities. Despite the site’s inaccessiblity, the fragile paleontologic outcropping has been endangered by rock and fossil hounds. For that reason, it has been necessary to prohibit the unauthorized collection of rocks and fossils from Schreiber Channel Provincial Nature Reserve. Those wishing to conduct scientific research must obtain an approved research application.

Location: Southwest of Schreiber on the north shore of Lake Superior.

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Tread Lightly. Nature Reserve
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(807) 825-3403
Size: 12.91 ha
Year established: 1979
Park Classification: Nature Reserve
Schreiber Channel Provincial Park P.O. Box 970
P0T 2J0
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