Mark S. Burnham

Mark S. Burnham

Alerts and Advisories as of: May 25, 2019

Fire Bans

There is a fire ban Mark S. Burnham is a day use park only. No campfires or open fires permitted at anytime. Portable gas stoves with a control valve are permitted in the picnic area only.
Park Hours are sunrise to 10pm daily.

Boil Water Advisory

There is a boil water advisory - No potable water is available at Mark S. Burnham

Beach Posting

There is a beach posting -

No swimming area is available at Mark S. Burnham. This is a day use park with a picnic area and 1.8km loop trail. Enjoy a hike through the majestic old growth forest showcasing a large canopy of Eastern Hemlock and Sugar Maple.

Beach Sampling Results

There are no beach testing sample results for this park at this time.

See listing of all beaches in provincial parks.

Park Advisories

There are currently no park notices/advisories for this park.