MacMurchy Township End Moraine

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MacMurchy Township End Moraine Provincial Park is a very small, low relief area of broken end moraine. The park contains bedrock exposures consisting of pillowed dacite to andesite lava flows, and tuffs of the Cabot-Calvin supracrustal assemblage, components of the south central Abitibi Subprovince in the Archean Superior Province. The dominant landform-vegetation types are the weakly broken end moraine covered withsparse, mixed coniferous, mixed deciduous, dense conifer forests, and wetlands. Six Eco-sites were identified within the park: one major (poor coniferous), four modest (open wetland, intolerant hardwoods, intolerant hardwoods-conifers, and moderate conifers), and one small (brush and alder).

Location: Approximately 45 kilometres east of Gogama and approximately 28 kilometres west of Gowganda.

Park Facilities: There are no visitor facilities available.

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Tread Lightly. Nature Reserve
General Information
Size: 239.00 ha
Year established: 2002
Park Classification: Nature Reserve
Highway 672
Kirkland Lake
P2N 3K4
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