Lake Abitibi Islands

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The islands of Lake Abitibi Islands Provincial Park are predominantly underlain by granitic, volcanic and sedimentary rocks of the Archean age Abitibi Subprovince of the Superior Province. The Islands of Lake Abitibi provide important nesting habitat for many species of birds. Great blue heron, bald eagles, osprey and double-crested cormorants are just a few of the species that nest or feed in and around the Lake Abitibi Islands. The islands of Lake Abitibi support intolerant hardwood and mixedwood forests. Black spruce, white spruce and white birch are common tree species. The islands range in size from tiny shoals and islets to large islands of up to 550 hectares.

Location: It is located in Lake Abitibi in northeastern Ontario, about 40 kilometres to the west of Iroquois Falls.

Park Facilities: There are no visitor facilities available.

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Tread Lightly. Nature Reserve
General Information
(705) 272-7107
Size: 2721.00 ha
Year established: 2005
Park Classification: Nature Reserve
Northeast Zone
P.O. Box 730
2 Third Ave.
Cochrane, ON
P0L 1C0
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