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The Trough Park Patterned Peatlands are a provincially significant life science feature included in the northern portion of this Dedicated Protected Area. This lowland habitat supports black spruce dominated blog, tamarack and sedge diminatred fen, and open sphagnum bog. Another valuable earth science feature of this dedicated protected area is a series of northwest-southwest trending, low De Geer moraine ridges. These ridges formed in Lake Agassiz where it abutted the ice front and today are covered by jack pine dominated forest and occasional expanses of bare bedrock.

Location: It is found at the headwaters of the Chukuni River. Its western boundary abuts the northeast corner of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park.

Park Facilities: Development within includes an outpost camp, trap cabins, and boat caches

General Information

Size: 4815.00 ha
Year established: 2011
Park Classification: Unclassified
227 Howey Street
P.O. Box 5003
Red Lake
P0V 2M0

Operating Dates


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