Earl Rowe

Earl Rowe

Alerts and Advisories as of: April 24, 2019

Interdiction de faire des feux

No firebans at this time

Il n’y a pas d’interdiction de faire des feux en ce moment.

Avis de faire bouillir l’eau

No boil water advisory at this time

Il n’y a pas d’avis de faire bouillir l’eau en ce moment.

Avis concernant les plages

There is a beach posting - Recreational water monitoring takes place between the months of May to September. Due to fluctuations in rainfall, wind direction, bird populations and other contributing factors, the beaches in the park MAY BE posted "Do not swim" periodically during the summer months. East Beach and West Beach are both posted as "unsafe for swimming".

Résultats d’échantillonnage de l’eau des plages

Nom de la plage Date de l’échantillon Résultats (E. Coli / 100 ml)
East - Day-Use July 16, 2018 108
West July 16, 2018 328
Liste complète de toutes les plages

Park Advisories

There are no park advisories at this time.