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Event Name Start Date End Date Location Description
Healthy Parks/Healthy People July 20, 2018 July 20, 2018

Join staff for fun activities suitable for the whole family. Check the activity sheet for details on programs and events.

Marsh Awareness Weekend July 21, 2018 July 22, 2018

Keep an eye out for "KIP" the frog as he visits the park this weekend. Come out to the programs and learn about the species that live in the marsh.

Speaking of Wildlife July 27, 2018 July 27, 2018 Picnic Shelter # 1 - 6:30 pm

Join special guests who will show us some "live" animals such as a skunk, porcupine, bobcat, and fox.Learn about these animals and how they survive in the wild, their species, adaptations and habitats.

Pioneer Days August 4, 2018 August 6, 2018 Log Cabin

Join staff at the Log Cabin for pioneer games & crafts.

Sciensational Snakes August 18, 2018 August 18, 2018 Log Cabin 3:00 pm

Meet our special guests who will show you come fascinating reptiles - LIVE & UP CLOSE!

Tackleshare - OFAH & OPG August 25, 2018 August 25, 2018 Picnic Area # 4 - 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Join special guests for an interactive workshop that teaches children about fish ID, aquatic habitats and invasive species followed by fishing with OFAH equipment.

Bird Banding August 26, 2018 August 26, 2018 Picnic Area # 2 8:00 am - 12:00 noon

Come on down to picnic area # 2 and join our speical guests as we catch and band our feathered friends.

Be early - remember "The early bird gets the worm"!

Good Bye Birds & Butterflies September 1, 2018 September 2, 2018

Fall migration is underway. 

Come out to the programs and say farewell to our feathered friends and butterflies as they leave for warmer climates.

Check the activity sheet for times and locations of events.

Monarch Migration September 8, 2018 September 8, 2018 Darlington Provincial Park Picnic Area # 1 Shelter 3:00 PM

 Find out why the monarch butterfly is a species at risk. Help us tag some monarchs and send them on their way to Mexico!