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Packing and Storing Gear

Tents and Shelters

  • Brush off your tent and sweep out the inside of your tent before disassembling.
  • Never put your tent or shelter away wet. It will grow mould! Make sure the tent and fly are dry before disassembling. Hang it from branches or a clothesline off the ground to allow air to dry all surfaces. If you cannot wait for the tent to dry, set it up as soon as you get home.
  • Follow the folding directions for your tent. The folded tent should be no wider than the tent bag before rolling it up.

Camp Stove

  • Empty refillable fuel canisters into fuel can to prevent build-up on fuel tube.
  • Clean your stove with warm water and soap. Tilt stove upside-down to dry.
  • Store in a well-sealed container.
  • Follow manufacturer’s directions.


  • At home, empty cooler, drain water, throw out food waste, wash with warm water and soap and let cooler dry with the lid open before storing.

Storing Gear

  • Use large plastic bins with lids to store camping gear. That way, everything is ready to go for your next camping trip.
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