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The Camping Handyman

Here are a few essential camping tools to bring on your trip:

  • Duct tape is an essential camping tool. It can be used to temporarily repair a tent pole, patch a hole in a canoe, and much more.
  • Rope and bungee cords can be used to fix tent ties, create a clothesline, put up a tarp and much more.
  • A sewing kit can be used to repair your sleeping bag, rips in clothing or other personal items. If you get a hole in your tent, do not sew it- patch it with duct tape or a tent repair patch- a stitch creates a water entry point.
  • A hatchet for chopping kindling into finer pieces is handy.
  • A screwdriver or multi-tool may come in handy for quick repair jobs.

Note: Do not hammer nails into trees. This can damage the tree.

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